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WhatsApp Group turns into a Sacco

With all the negativity surrounding social media, there are people who are benefitting from some of the online platforms. For instance, it’s amazing how some WhatsApp groups have turned into a Sacco.

Sirende Sacco Society was formed from a WhatsApp group in November 2017 with as little as 20 members. The Sacco, which has over 125 members, has helped a lot of people from the Sirende Community.

Speaking to the Sirende Sacco Treasury Interim, Joseph Murambi, the then WhatsApp group saw a need to help out their people especially children and elderly people, and that is why they formed the Sacco.

Mr. Murambi gave two instances that prompted them to start the Sacco. There was an old man who passed in the village and the family needed money for funeral arrangements. The other instance is of a lady who needed money to undergo an operation for a minor growth in her stomach.

The Sacco has since raised thousands to help people in need. Mr. Murambi says the highest amount of money they raised was Sh64, 000.

He also says they are yet to finalize if the group will remain a Sacco or change it to a Community Based Operation (CBO) or a Limited Company.

The Sacco has people from all over the world such as United States, United Kingdom, and West Africa. These people, however, come from Sirende.

Mr. Murambi says they hope to make the Sacco bigger and instill rules that will govern it.


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