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Tangazoletu is an information technology solution provider in the country’s financial landscape that is geared towards; promoting improved efficiency, sustainable innovation and best practices in accordance with the client’s line of business.

Founded more than 11 years ago, the solution provider’s aim is the need to develop sustainable financial technology solutions to reach to its clients especially Saccos. 3 SpotCash Systems, SpotCash Agency Banking, SpotCash Mobile Banking and SpotCash Core Banking are among the wide range of solutions that the company provides to Saccos.

SpotCash Mobile Banking System provides more freedom to members to transact through their mobile phones by allowing them access their accounts anytime of the day. This solution offers convenience to Sacco members and minimizes operational costs for the institutions while offering a wider market reach.

The solution offered integrates to Core Banking Systems, telecommunication companies, infrastructure and mobile transfer systems. Among the mobile transfer services offered include; balance inquiry, cash deposit and withdrawal, loan application, loan disbursement and loan repayment.

With its services to more than 100 societies, CEOs of various Saccos give their testimonials on how Tangazoletu ltd changed their operations.

Ngarisha Sacco CEO, Macklins Wamukota says, “Tangazoletu Ltd services are of good quality. They offer quick service delivery and have helped us reduce congestion to the benefit of our thousands of members. Tangazoletu services have also helped in generating extra income to the society. They are always ready to give advisory services to us where there could be gaps and offer suggestions where there is need for improvement.”

Qwetu Sacco CEO, Charles Kaba says, “Tangazoletu Limited services are of good quality and they have allowed our members to have their money whenever they are. As our provider for ICT driven services, it has enabled our sacco members to get alerts on any services to control cash flow as a Sacco.”

Imarika Sacco Deputy CEO, Mr. George Yongo says, “Tangazoletu Ltd has excellent service and very elaborate customer service, and it’s quick. While the SpotCash system is suitable, our experience is that Tangazoletu Ltd has immensely increased our revenue, hence boosted our image as a Sacco Using premium technology has also increased our revenue as a Sacco as well as boosting our image as a Sacco. In optimizing of ICT, Tangazoletu has actually helped us to reach more members without having necessarily to build more physical branches in the country. They have also reduced our Sacco operational costs.”

Cosmopolitan Sacco CEO, Loise Methu says, “Services offered by Tangazoletu Ltd are of good quality and the best. We have been using their mobile services and that has enabled our customers to make inquiries and withdraw their money easily, saving their time and travelling costs. SpotCash and ICT has enabled us to reach many people and render our services with ease. It has also saved the costs of expansion since we don’t have to open more branches and instead educate our members to embrace ICT and easily access our services, saving time and also easing congestion in our banks.”


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